ADVERTISING is blog dedicated to general technology and is constantly visited by thousands of people around the world. On our site are published daily news about the tech world, guides for all types of devices and reviews that affect smartphones, PCs, cameras, drones etc. Tecnogalaxy can count over 1 million visits a year. Every day, more than 3,000 users follow us between site and Social Network (Facebook, Instagram, Telegram).

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Advertising banners on can be positioned in various positions in order to attract visitors to your advertising campaign. These banners can be placed:

  • Header (the part next to the logo);
  • Sidebar (the side of the articles);
  • Within the articles;
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Banners may have different sizes depending on their content and location. By contacting us we can agree the ideal solution to promote your business.



Requiring a sponsored article, our staff will take care of promoting your business to the best possible extent by describing your type of work/product including pictures, links, contacts and information about your business. This article as well as on our website and Social Network will be available from anyone on the search engines. The article will appear among the first positions on the search engines thanks to the SEO optimization of both the article and our site so that we can attract as many readers as possible on the article.

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