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It’s a little weird to put a diary app on the best list of the year, but this one is surprisingly good. Daily Diary does everything you expect from a decent diary app. This includes a biometric lock, the ability to add photos to diary entries, a calendar, a mood tracker, reminders and a pleasantly tidy yet modern user interface. Soft colors and easy-to-understand controls attract most people.

One of the best parts of the app is its price. Most diary apps use a subscription service. This only costs €2.99 without additional in-app purchases or ads. Do this by using Google Drive to back up your diary if you need to switch devices.


Deepl Translate is a foreign language translator. It currently supports 29 languages. It can be translated in several ways. You can type words, use the camera to look at the text, or even talk to the app to get direct translations. The user interface is simple, but effective.

It does not support as many languages as Google Translate or Microsoft Translate. Those apps have years of evolutionary maturity compared to this, so the fact that this supports over two dozen languages is still pretty impressive. The translations were quick and accurate. It’s nice to see another option in the translation space that isn’t a Google or Microsoft product.


Duolingo ABC is a learning app. This helps teach literacy, as indicated by the name. He basically takes Duolingo’s winning formula and applies it to reading. Children take small lessons in the form of stories to read. The app boasts over 700 reading lessons in total.

Some other features of the app include offline support, no ads, and classes for kids through first grade. Of course, older children with reading difficulties can also use the app.


Linktree is a biography site. Use it to create a profile page. The website then generates a short link that you put in your biography on social media profiles. You’ve probably seen Linktree links on TikTok, Instagram and Twitter profiles. The app is a website extension and allows you to create exactly the same things you find on the website.


We are sincerely surprised that NoteIt Widget has as many downloads as it has. The app boasts over ten million downloads at the time of writing this article. It’s a new concept. The app connects you to another person and then places a widget on your phone. Once finished, send a message to the other person directly from the widget by writing words or drawing small scribbles.

Obviously it won’t replace the utility of standard messaging apps, but we found that it is a cute little app for couples or best friends. The app tracks series, similar to Snapchat, and you can buy back your series if you stop it with in-app purchases.


BeReal is Google Play’s app of the year. It is a social network that tries to remove the fake from social media by allowing users only a couple of minutes a day to post. The app chooses when you publish, so you can’t really plan it. Just take a picture of what you’re doing and go.

Using the app is pretty simple. Follow your friends, take a look at their content when they post and you’re done. Since it doesn’t give you a steady stream, quit the app when you’re done because you don’t have anything else to do. That’s the charm of BeReal.


DynamicSpot is a customization app that mimics the dynamic island of the iPhone. You can set it to work in different ways and with different apps. Most Android phones still have a notch or pinhole camera, and this is one way to play it.

Some of the ways you can customize DynamicSpot include iOS-style music controls, a countdown timer, battery charging and sending notification responses from the pop-up, and you can also set up your own custom interactions.

These were 7 of the most recommended apps on Android at the time. Keep following us for more articles like this.

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