Cryptocurrencies, like it or not, are spreading more and more. If at the beginning there were very few sectors in which they could be used, today the circle has greatly expanded to reach markets that, perhaps, were once really unthinkable.

Here are five interesting ways to spend on cryptocurrencies.

Sports Betting

Let’s start from a field that interests many people: betting. With the massive advent of the internet even in areas that were not particularly equipped with a digital mechanism, there are many gambling companies that have decided to accept even betting in cryptocurrencies.

One of the most important that has chosen to follow this path is Marathonbet, thus managing to expand its market share in this sector that is inflated. To anticipate the times, as in this case, is a decisive move to be ahead of the competition.

Book a trip

There are some portals that, linked to the major booking platforms, allow you to pay for a trip in cryptocurrencies. For now, it must be said that the phenomenon is a bit niche but, in the technological field, often does not count the current result but the trend. And the trend sees how the number of traders who pay and accept payments in cryptocurrencies is increasing more and more.

Those who do not follow this path with interest risk being cut off from the market.


Video games, par excellence, are among the sectors that most ‘absorb’ the news and make them their own. For this reason, therefore, the list could certainly not miss the whole world related to video games. Already today, in fact, there are many companies that, in order to meet especially the young public, willingly accepts payment in cryptocurrencies.

Both for the title of a game that for all that there is of accessory, as a particular weapon or a fundamental dress for the continuation of the journey. But the developments are really remarkable.

You can even buy real estate!

Finally, we close with a sector that seemed immune from this ‘avalanche’ dictated by cryptocurrencies: that of real estate. If you think it is something distant, in reality you are wrong because even in Italy, following some steps, you can buy a property by paying it in cryptocurrencies.

It is not a fake news or even an invention. To put it all in writing is even the Revenue Agency with the resolution of 2 September 2016 n. 72 that confirms that, under certain conditions, you can buy an apartment in cryptocurrencies and, therefore, use them as a payment method. Among the specifications made by the Revenue Agency, however, there is also to put the euro consideration of the cost of housing.


Finally, as you can imagine, even electronic objects can be purchased in cryptocurrencies. Especially those with a higher technological rate, such as a latest generation computer or a monitor at the latest.

These are just 5 of the many areas where you can spend in cryptocurrencies. But given the high innovation that this tool has and the increasingly rapid spread that is having, maybe in the coming years we will see situations that, today, we do not even imagine.

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