Good morning dear readers of Tecnogalaxy, today we will talk about 5 hidden features that are present on MacOS.

MacOS Monterey, and now the latest version of MacOS Ventura, are full of different features and features. However, not all of them are obvious and obvious to the user, as you can find many hidden settings and features buried within different apps and preference menus that will enhance your user experience.


If you open the folder named, “More” in the Launchpad on your Mac, you’ll find an app called Password Access. Although the app’s primary purpose is to save all passwords and all digital security certificates, it could also be used to create and store secure notes.

This feature is useful if you share your Mac with someone else and want to store secret notes and documents on your computer. To create a safe note, go to the Password Access app on your Mac, and then click File -> New Safe Note Item. Once you enter the content and save the note file, it will be automatically protected with a password, the same password you use to unlock your Mac, and only the note title will be visible.


The Image Preview app is probably one of the most underrated and underused apps on your Mac. Most people only use it to view images or sometimes to share or view details about images. However, the Preview app has so many built-in features that it could act as a one-stop-shop image editing app.

To use the hidden features, open any image and click on the “View” menu, then select the option “Show markup toolbar”. The toolbar has several useful tools such as a smart lasso, a magic tool for selecting and removing the background, image editing options and even the ability to add text directly to the image, which could be used to quickly create images in meme format directly on your Mac.


Did you know that you can actually customize the folder and external drive icons on your Mac for just about any icon or image you want? It’s also quite simple. All you have to do is open the image or icon you want to use as the folder icon and then use the CMD+C shortcut to copy it.

Now, right click the folder or the drive icon you want to edit, then click the icon at the top and use the CMD+V shortcut to paste and change the folder icon immediately.


If you have an iPad, and as long as your Mac and iPad are connected to the same Wi-Fi network and are logged into the same Apple ID account, you can use your iPad to draw on your Mac.

To do this, open any document on your Mac, CTRL + right-click the document and select the Add Sketch option from the pop-up menu. A drawing board will now automatically open on your iPad and, once you finish drawing your sketch, press Done at the top. The sketch will be immediately added to the document on your Mac.


If you ever wanted to send multiple images or PDF files as a single file to someone, you probably used an online image merge tool or PDF or some specialized desktop app like Adobe Acrobat. However, you can directly merge several PDF files or images into one file directly on your Mac.

To do this, open any image file or pdf file and then use the shortcut combination cmd+opt+shift+S to open the Save As dialog box and then save the file as a pdf file. Now, open the File, click on the edit menu, select the option Edit->Insert ->Page from file and select all the files you want by repeating this process.

After adding the files you want to share to the pdf file, save the File, then you can share this File and the recipient will be able to view all the files you have added in the single document.

This is all about hidden features for macos, in a forthcoming article.

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