Dear readers of Tecnogalaxy, today we will talk about 4 malicious Android discovery apps that redirect victims to infected websites as part of an adware and information theft campaign.

Researchers at Malwarebytes Labs found a new set of malicious apps on the Google Play Store, these apps convey a new trojan whose goal is to steal personal information from poor victims, that like all these types of attacks are hijacked on malicious sites.

The malware found is called HiddenAds and Google statistics say that the four infected apps in which malware is hidden have accumulated a total of at least one million downloads. CRAZY!!!


The identified apps are as follows:

  1. Bluetooth Auto Connect
  2. Driver: Bluetooth – Wi-Fi – USB
  3. Bluetooth App Sender
  4. Mobile transfer: smart switch

The Android app is spreading the latest version of HiddenAds malware, researchers found that infected apps wait a few days before implementing the atatcco, “classic common technique to evade detection and appear as a real app”.

When apps start running, they start opening phishing pages in the Chrome browser for information theft, some instead open harmless ads that show simple pop-up ads, while others include more intelligent and refined schemes to attract unsuspecting users.

Even McAfee last July had investigated the malweare HiddenAds, explaining that it was spread via Android apps disguised as real apps and directly on the Google Play Store.

It is not the first time that on the Google Play Store these reports are made, in September researchers had discovered 75 malicious apps that led advertising fraud, even these applications have been downloaded in total 13 million times.

The advice that is given to users is to monitor their apps for malicious or suspicious activities, another very important thing to keep adware away from our devices, is to avoid installing apps from unofficial Android stores.

As always make good use of it by making tests on your devices / computers , making them on devices/ computers is illegal.

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