Good morning dear readers of Tecnogalaxy, today we are going to talk about a US company that has been hacked giving access to as many as 150 thousand cameras scattered all over America and all places that could be important.

Verkada, a Silicon Valley security startup that provides cloud-based security camera services, this one suffered a major security breach. Hackers gained access to over 150,000 of the company’s cameras, some of which were factory cameras and others in Tesla warehouses, Cloudflare offices, Equinox gyms, hospitals, prisons, schools, police stations and Verkada, so just about everywhere.

According to Tillie Kottmann, one of the members of the international hacker group that breached the system, the hack was intended to show how common the company’s security cameras are and how easily they can be hacked. The group also of had access to the complete video archive of all Verkada’s customers.

In a statement, a Verkada representative commented, “We have disabled all internal administrator accounts to prevent any unauthorized access. Our internal security team and external security firm are reviewing the scope and extent of this potential issue.”

How the cameras were hacked

The hacking era seemingly relatively simple: the group managed to gain “Super Admin” level access to Verkada’s system using a username and password found publicly on the Internet, so anyone could have used them if it hasn’t already happened. From there, they were able to access the company’s entire network, including root access to the cameras themselves, which, in turn, allowed the group to access the internal networks of some of Verkada’s customers.

Verkada is proud to offer Internet-connected security cameras, promising a “software first approach” to Silicon Valley to make security “as simple and modern as the organizations we protect.” The cameras are connected to the cloud including an intuitive Web-based interface that allows companies to monitor their feeds and also offer facial recognition software.

This company has also been criticized in the past for allegations of sexism and corporations after an incident in 2019 in which a sales manager used Verkada’s office security cameras to harass female colleagues by secretly photographing them and posting their photos on the company’s Slack. In response, Verkada’s CEO offered Slack channel members a choice between the company or cutting off their contacts.

The list of clients using Verkada is extensive: in addition to companies such as Tesla and Cloudflare, group has gained access to Verkada cameras inside Halifax Health, a Florida hospital; Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut; Madison History Prison in Huntsville, Alabama; and at Wadley Regional Medical Center, a hospital in Texarkana, Texas. In addition to the camera footage, the group also claims to have been able to access Verkada’s complete list of thousands of clients and his private financial information.

The group did this to demonstrate that we are all being watched, at any point in our lives and every we are “being watched more and more.”

This attack didn’t affect Italian companies since this service is famous mainly in the United States, but don’t think it’s better here, the cameras were implemented mostly a couple of years ago, and only a year ago Anonymous Italy did an operation called OP Big Brother that served to make people aware of the fact that cameras are not safe partly due to people’s ignorance of the technology and partly due to the technology itself not being safe enough.

That’s all, see you in a future article!

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